Victoria’s Secret Sculpting Workout

I’ll admit that my guiltiest pleasure every December is pouring a glass of wine, eating a big bowl of skinny pop popcorn and watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

I love the catwalk, the gorgeous lingerie, celebrity sightings, the music and every year I am in awe of the bodies of the models on the runway!

I noticed this year that the VS models, although quite thin, do look more fit and are showing more muscle tone than in prior years.

Furthermore, several of the models who graced the catwalk this year are mothers!!  Amazing!!

After this year’s show, I began scouring the internet for some fitness tips from these leggy ladies to find out what moves give them the long, lean look.

Hey, as a petite 5’0 woman, I’m open to trying some fun new moves to lengthen my little limbs-lol!

I learned that many of the models like Romee Strigid, Elsa Hosk and Behati Prinsloo incorporate pilates and barre movements that strengthen and tone.

This workout is a compilation of the moves that I thought my amazing Momshells would LOVE!

Victoria’s Secret Sculpting Workout

Perform each of the following exercises in order for 50 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest between exercises. Rest for 2 minutes then repeat. Perform this circuit 3 times total.

1) glute kick backs right
2) glute kick backs left
3) arabesque attitude pulse right
4) arabesque attitude pulse left
3) pike and dip side to side twist
4) knee tuck arabasque right
5) knee tuck arabesque left
5) side plank hip lift right
6) side plank hip lift left
7) side scissors right
8) side scissors left