Thigh Trimmer

Momshells! You’re going to thank me for this one!!

I have put together a killer workout to tone your thighs, lift your bum and burn stubborn fat!

Do you long for the days when your favorite jeans fit like a glove?

You will love the use of my secret weapon, the “booty loop” (aka: loop exercise band) and you’ll use one of these magical wonders to create resistance and slim down those thighs during this workout!

Don’t have a booty loop? No worries!

They are sold at most stores that carry exercise equipment or on Amazon (tip: search “loop exercise band”).


Complete all the reps of both moves THREE times through in the first circuit before moving onto the second and then the third circuit.

Circuit one- 3 times
1. Body weight squats- 20 reps

2. Glute bridge with loop band and 30 second hold at the top

Circuit two- 3 times
1. Banded side shuffle with hip abduction- 5 steps to the right. Pause and perform 12 RIGHT abduction side leg pulses. 15 steps to the left. Pause and perform 12 LEFT abduction raises. Perform this sequence twice.

2. Curtsy lunges- 15 reps/leg

Circuit three- 3 times
1. Glute bridge hip opener- 20 reps

2. Single leg triple threat- 10 reps/leg