On Fire!

This workout is designed to give you the ultimate burn!

I love loop bands for creating muscle tension and challenging the smaller muscle groups for a greater overall result.

Earlier this week in my Apple Bottom Workout, I showed you how to use loops to sculpt your booty.

In this workout, I’m going to show you a few new moves using the loops to work your upper body along with some quad and hamstring work! Get after it!


Perform each of the following exercises in order for 50 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest between exercises. Rest for 2 minutes then repeat. Perform this circuit 3 times total.

1. Banded side shuffle (*band around ankles. Take 15 steps to the right. Pause and perform 12 RIGHT abduction side leg pulses. Take 15 steps to the left and perform 12 LEFT abduction raises)

2. Plank clock touches with loop band

3. Double band lateral bear crawl

4. 3 point tap with band

5. Palms facing pull apart with band

6. Band Clams RIGHT

7. Palms up pull apart with band

8. Band Clams LEFT

9. Palms down pull apart with band

10. Jump squat with band