Booty Pop

I know I’m not the first person to tell you that butt’s are back!!

This is great news for girls with a perky backside but I definitely have to work to build my bum and keep it poppin!

Have you noticed your booty isn’t looking round?

Or maybe you have a round booty but you’d like to tone and firm up?

You’ll love the added fat burning component of this workout since we burn a surplus of calories when we work the muscles of the lower body!

Get your tight jeans ready Momshells!


Complete 100 reps of the following: (Momshell Tip: the easiest way to do this is grab 10 poker chips and complete 10 of each exercise, throwing down one poker chip for each round that you complete)

1. Glute Bridge
2. Travelling Squats with loop band
3. Left curtsy lunges
4. Right curtsy lunges
5. Left leg step out squat
6. Right leg step out squat
7. Right leg band kick back (standing position with band around ankles)
8. Left leg band kick back