Badass Back!!

One of the hardest places to lose body fat from is the bra area on a woman’s back.

Nothing spoils the perfect outfit like fat hanging over your bra line. You might find that a proper fitting bra helps to smooth things out temporarily, but losing excess body fat is a better and long-term solution.

While it’s true that you can’t spot reduce, the exercises in my Badass Back Workout are sure to add some definition to the muscles of your upper body and help you tone up your rear view!!

Most of us know that a crucial part of losing fat from the bra line and overall total body fat is our diet.  Following your Momshells meal plans and incorporating Momshells Fit At Home Workouts will help you reduce body fat through clean eating and calorie burning training!

Because Momshells workouts always target more than one body part, there’s some sneaky booty exercises in this workout too!

I know you are going to love this workout…and you’re going to look smokin in that halter dress this summer!

Badass Back Workout

Perform each of the following exercises in order for 50 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest between exercises.  Rest for 2 minutes then repeat. Perform this circuit 3 times total.

1) Lawnmower lunge rows right
2) Lawnmower lunge rows left
3) Bent over rear delt flyes
4) Pull down kick back right
5) Pull down kick back left
6) Bent over narrow row with dumbbells
7) Attitude pull down right
8) Attitude pull down left