Green Machine Smoothie

Years ago, I was gifted a Ninja Blender for Christmas.

I had the best intentions of becoming a smoothie drinking health nut, but, I think I used it once the following year to make skinny margaritas and that was about it!

I’m an “eat your calories” kind of girl so I hadn’t even ventured into the smoothie world UNTIL I discovered this easy way to add more greens to my diet- and it happened by total accident!

My kids wanted to try a smoothie challenge that they saw on YouTube and we spent a few hours one afternoon mixing up concoctions of yogurt, fruit and ice cream.

When I discovered they were drinking the “Green” smoothies we made with spinach because of the color WITHOUT noticing a vegetable taste, I realized they were consuming sneaky veggies!

I make my “Green Machine” smoothies all the time now for a way to sneak my own greens in and as a quick on the go snack for my kiddos! Your whole family is sure to love this delicious green smoothie!