7 Activities for Kids on a Snow Day

The winter weather is upon us!

Are you like me and panic at the thought of entertaining your kiddos when a wintery storm closes school for the day?

I’ve put together my eight favorite activities for keeping the kiddos busy on snow days!

Resist the urge to let everyone veg in front of the TV or Ipad all day and get creative with some of these simple activities!  (#3 is awesome and your kids are sure to love it!)

#1 Snow Art: Fill empty spray bottles or liquid dishwasher bottles with food coloring and water and send the kiddos outside to make snow creations in the winter wonderland!

#2 Build a Fort:  Create an indoor campsite, castle or fort with blankets, couch cushions and pillows!  You can even have the kiddos get in jammies and pull out the sleeping bags and flashlights and tell “campfire” stories!  Have a ton of boxes left over from Christmas?  How about making a box fort with those boxes?  My kids love this and it keeps them busy for hours!

#3 Make Unicorn Slime:  I can’t lie- this seemed like an absolutely disgusting idea when my daughter suggested we make colorful, sparkly slime.  But, home made slime is actually pretty fun and not nearly as messy as I had imagined!  This homemade slime is simple and a fun activity but much less messy than the drippy kind you purchase at the store.  You’re kids will love it!  Follow this link from my friends at The Best Ideas For Kids to learn how to make Unicorn Slime!  https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/unicorn-slime/