Week Three: Living Your Best Life

Congrats on your dedication so far, Momshell!!

You’ll love the options on this meal plan for the third week of the Momshells system!

If you’re like me, you’ve fallen victim to the myth that smoothies and green juice will help you lose weight.

Sadly, although these have many health benefits, many store bought smoothies and green drinks are packed with sugar!

Would you love to try a smoothie recipe that is both time saving and won’t spend half of your carbohydrate budget?

You will love my on the go Green Machine Smoothie which packs more than 20 grams of protein into one cup!

Do you love time saving Crock Pot recipes?  My famous Skinny Crock Pot White Chicken Chili made this week’s meal plan and I promise you, this recipe will delight your entire family!

You may still incorporate the options from the Momshells Week 1 or Week 2 Meal Plans.  The beauty of the Momshells program is that you need only follow one rule: eat healthy foods that you love and you will shed body fat!