Week Seven: It’s a Lifestyle!

So many moms are very overwhelmed by the very thought of healthy eating.

Many moms think of healthy eating as going on strict diet, eating bland foods, eliminating any enjoyable foods or spending a fortune on fancy supplements and pre packaged meals.

When you make a goal to lose weight by eating healthy, my best advice is to start small, and make it a lifestyle!

It all starts with a good plan that is simple to follow and a positive attitude that change does not happen overnight.

Years ago when I was battling my post baby weight and at my highest weight, I tried bland, restrictive diets and I was absolutely miserable.

I felt sluggish, cranky and deprived which led to binge eating or cheating on my diet.

Following each cheat, I felt defeated and depressed.

Once I made healthy eating a lifestyle and followed the meal plans and workout programs laid out in the Momshells system, my whole attitude changed.

Now that I have maintained this weight loss for over 6 years, I truly look at the way I eat and workout as a part of my lifestyle!

In this week’s plan you are going to find a few more of my favorite Momshells recipes that are the secret to my weight loss success!

When I began this journey years ago, I started by making over recipes that were high in fat and calories to make them healthier so that I could still enjoy foods that I loved without the excess!

Looking for a satisfyingly sweet breakfast on the go?  You’ll love my simple to prepare Cherry Pie Overnight Oats!

My Perfect Pad Thai with Chicken or Shrimp is a dish that I revamped from one of my favorite Thai restaurants back home in Toronto that makes for a satisfying lunch at work or home!

I’m loving the steam in the bag Veggie Made Pastas from Birds Eye!  I’ve put this delicious side dish with my simple Slow Cooker Paprika Pork Tenderloin  which is perfect for those of you who get sick of always eating chicken (I know that I do!).

The bottom line is when you love what you eat, you’ll never diet a day in your life!!

Have a wonderful week, Momshells!