Week Eleven: Lean and Mean Meal Plan

Ok Momshells!

We’re within a few months of the the official first day of summer- it’s time to get serious about that swimsuit body!

Have you always been told you have to eat a bland diet in order to lose weight?

By now, you’re realizing it’s possible to love what you eat daily and still see results!!  Isn’t that awesome?

This week I’ve got some yummy new recipes for you including my fresh and tasty Greek Chicken Pita with Avocado Tzatziki which is surprisingly low carb and low cal since I’ve made it with Joseph’s Flax and Oat Bran Pita.

These pita breads are only 9 grams of carbs per serving!  And they taste great!!

I made the Skinny Sausage Zucchini Boats for my boyfriend last week and he loved them!  They are simple to make and the whole house smelled heavenly when he came home from work!   Another low carb victory!

My kids are loving the Banana Berry Powercakes  that are this week’s breakfast option.  My 7 and 11 year old are notably terrible eaters in the morning but one of these fruity pancakes is simple to grab and go for them as they run out the door to school- plus they have sneaky protein and fiber to fill them up:)

I hope you love the options in this week’s meal plan!


xoxo Gillian