Week 2 : Getting In The Groove


You have successfully completed week one and now it’s time for a whole new week of simple but delish menu options- yay!

If you have food remaining from last week’s prep, you can still eat those menu options or incorporate them into the week two menu choices.

This week you’ll enjoy some recipes that are a healthy spin on many of my absolute FAVORITE eating out options!

My Easy Breakfast Sandwich is essentially a skinny Egg McMuffin made at home with 4 simple ingredients and my Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizza is low in fat but highly satisfying!

By now you are probably thinking how much money you are saving on food simply by preparing your food at home and eating out less often.

This week’s lunch option is a Naked Burrito that could easily stack up to Q’Doba or Chipolte but with fewer calories and a way lower price point!