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  • Plyo Power

    I have a love-hate relationship with plyometrics. When I was in high school and college and involved in competitive cheerleading, a lot of our conditioning workouts involved plyometric exercises. A plyometric exercise is a movement involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles (ie: jumping or rebounding). I remember on the 16th lap hopping up […] More

  • Badass Back!!

    One of the hardest places to lose body fat from is the bra area on a woman’s back. Nothing spoils the perfect outfit like fat hanging over your bra line. You might find that a proper fitting bra helps to smooth things out temporarily, but losing excess body fat is a better and long-term solution. […] More

  • Total Body Challenge

    What is the most efficient way to sculpt a sexy momshell body after having kiddos? Combining weights and cardio! Multitasking when I’m working out has proven very effective in my post baby weight loss journey. I’m able to get a great total body workout in under 30 minutes by performing exercises in superset format as […] More

  • Shoulder Shredder

    The hottest body part making news on the red carpet this season is sexy shoulders! Celebrity Momshells like Jenna Dewan and Kim Kardashian favor weight training and HIIT style workouts for helping sculpt their jaw dropping delts!               Wouldn’t you like to develop some amazing shoulders for your cocktail […] More

  • Booty School

    Class is in session, Momshells! This workout, loaded with traditional lower body moves, will kick your home training into high gear! I’m such a fan of home workouts for their time saving elements and I’ve incorporated some of my favorite old school weight lifting moves for lower body into this workout along with my signature […] More

  • Victoria’s Secret Sculpting Workout

    I’ll admit that my guiltiest pleasure every December is pouring a glass of wine, eating a big bowl of skinny pop popcorn and watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! I love the catwalk, the gorgeous lingerie, celebrity sightings, the music and every year I am in awe of the bodies of the models on the […] More

  • Hollywood Sculpting Circuit

    Would you like to try a Celebrity workout without the hefty price tag? You are really going to love my Hollywood Sculpting Circuit! This workout is modelled after the The Factor 45 method workouts that have become increasingly popular in Hollywood with celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Ritchie and fitness icon Paige Hathaway taking part […] More

  • Bye Bye Tankini Ab Workout

    One area of concern for almost every mom is her midsection. Have you ever said something like: “oh I will never have a flat stomach after having kids!” I know that it is possible to wear a two-piece swimsuit after kids because I’ve seen SO MANY women dramatically improve the appearance of their midsection with […] More

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