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    Momshell Modern Home with Gillian

    Hi Momshells! Welcome back the site!  I have had some major life changes this summer and I thought I would take a minute to share some life updates. This summer has brought along a lot of exciting changes for myself and my kiddos. In 2017, I went through a mostly amicable split from my children’s […] More

  • 5 Easy and Affordable Stress Relief Techniques for Moms

    When left unchecked, chronic stress can wreak havoc on your health, causing issues like respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, hormonal dysfunction, and increased muscle tension and pain. To avoid these kinds of conditions, it’s important for women to prioritize self-care and manage their stress. But, a lot of people don’t take steps to keep their stress […] More

  • 7 Activities for Kids on a Snow Day

    The winter weather is upon us! Are you like me and panic at the thought of entertaining your kiddos when a wintery storm closes school for the day? I’ve put together my eight favorite activities for keeping the kiddos busy on snow days! Resist the urge to let everyone veg in front of the TV […] More

  • 9 Tricks Every Mom Can Use to Bring Order to Your Home

    Cleaning is something you often need a lot of determination for. Sometimes, us moms have to spend an entire day and a lot of effort cleaning in order to get our homes looking and feeling the way we want them to. That’s why we at Momshells put together a selection of the best shortcuts to […] More

  • 17 Genius Ways to Store Things at Home

    There’s room for comfort and a place to properly store everything in its right place even in the smallest homes. Some of the solutions Momshells have come up with over the years to solve the issue of domestic storage are truly ingenious. We’ve discovered some of the most simple and accessible of these ideas which […] More

  • 21 Incredible Mom Cleaning Tricks For Every Occasion

    There’s nothing better than a spotless house. But, to tell the truth, for many of us Momshells cleaning our house is not on our list of our favorite ways to spend time. Today, we here at Momshells would like to share some ingenious tricks to help you make your living area sparkling clean. You’ll be […] More

  • How to Keep Your Infant Safe - Momshells

    12 Things Every Mom Should Know to Keep Their Infants Safe

    The majority of moms of babies under the age of one (as many as 73%) put things like blankets, stuffed toys, and bumpers into the crib with the baby. A survey conducted by American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide of around 4,500 new moms gave this result. However, this is dangerous and increases the possibility […] More

  • 7 Parenting Tips That Will Prepare Your Kid for the Real World

    An Indian proverb says, “Treat a child as a guest in your home: feed them, educate them, and then let them go.” We agree with this concept and suggest you start learning how to let go of your children starting at an early age. At Momshells, we have found and tried some practical tips that […] More

  • Amazing Baby Gadgets - Momshells

    15 Amazing Baby Gadgets Every Mom Needs

    Whether pregnant or with a baby, parenting can be a rough but a lovely journey. Mainly because there are minor things that can make taking care of a baby a lot harder than it needs to be. So us Momshells are very thankful for the amazing gadgets that Moms have come up with to make […] More

  • Smart Mom Tricks - Momshells

    11 Smart Mom Tricks That Can Make Life Easier

    According to studies, children with parents who are genuinely interested in their daily activities show a higher grade proficiency. All of us Momshells want to see our children become successful and well-organized, but sometimes easy life hacks can be more effective than long, constructive talks. If you want your children to follow you, speak in […] More

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