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  • Week Eleven: Lean and Mean Meal Plan

    Ok Momshells! We’re within a few months of the the official first day of summer- it’s time to get serious about that swimsuit body! Have you always been told you have to eat a bland diet in order to lose weight? By now, you’re realizing it’s possible to love what you eat daily and still […] More

  • Week Ten: Vegan “ish” Meal Plan

    Last summer I decided to take on the challenge of preparing for a bikini competition and found myself eating a very strict diet of chicken, turkey, beef, sweet potatoes, oats and rice. You can imagine how bland and boring this was! This way of eating is referred to as “bro-dieting” and is a method of […] More

  • Week Eight: Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

    It’s a new week, Momshells! With spring quickly approaching (but not fast enough for those of us with lingering winter temperatures), the pressure is now on to make headway on those swimsuit goals for summer! It’s ok if you have dragged your feet during the winter or you are just getting started now- we got […] More

  • Week Seven: It’s a Lifestyle!

    So many moms are very overwhelmed by the very thought of healthy eating. Many moms think of healthy eating as going on strict diet, eating bland foods, eliminating any enjoyable foods or spending a fortune on fancy supplements and pre packaged meals. When you make a goal to lose weight by eating healthy, my best […] More

  • Week Six: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

    It’s a new week, Momshells! The old saying “if you fail to plan, plan to fail” really holds true when it comes to sticking to your healthy eating plan. We all get busy and sometimes it is difficult to carve out the time to grocery shop and prepare our meals and snacks for the week. […] More

  • Week Five: Bombshell Blueprint

    This week I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite all time solutions to cure your sweet tooth. Are you a chocoholic? So many women are ashamed to admit that they have a sweet tooth and it has made it a challenge to stick to their healthy eating plan. Actual scientific research proves […] More

  • Week Four: You Got This!

    Welcome to a new week of amazingly delicious new week on the Momshells system! This month I have incorporated a whey protein shake as part of your afternoon snack. Why do women need protein supplements? Protein supplementation is important for women because we often don’t meet our nutritional requirements with food alone. Protein powders are […] More

  • Week 2 : Getting In The Groove

    Congrats! You have successfully completed week one and now it’s time for a whole new week of simple but delish menu options- yay! If you have food remaining from last week’s prep, you can still eat those menu options or incorporate them into the week two menu choices. This week you’ll enjoy some recipes that […] More

  • Week 1 : Momshells Kick Start Menu

    I’m sure you’ve heard that age old phrase: “fail to plan, plan to fail”! Well, it’s true! As moms, we have soo many things that we juggle every single day that when the evening approaches and the fam asks, “what’s for dinner”, it’s tempting to throw some nuggets in the oven or call for pizza […] More