Beauty Product Purge: Cosmetics and Expiration Dates

Do you own a lot of makeup or beauty products?

Do you hang onto samples and trial sizes?

Are you unsure if your makeup has expired?

Momshell, if you are like me, you have lipsticks, eye shadows and pencils that have been used only a handful of times as trends and your personal style has changed.

The sad truth is, makeup does actually expire and if you don’t use it in a timely fashion, you’ve got to pitch it in the trash.

Now I am sure you paid a pretty penny for that sapphire mascara but if you don’t use it before it expires, it could cause irritation and won’t apply as evenly as it was intended when purchased.

An expired foundation or concealer that contains SPF will also not protect your skin from the suns’ harmful rays if it is used past it’s expiration date.

Cosmetics also trap bacteria, which means replacing them regularly is necessary to avoid skin irritation, breakouts, and eye infections.

I’ve compiled a list of makeup items and their expiration timeline so that you can do some spring cleaning of your beauty drawer and make room for some new spring colors!

Cosmetics Expiration Dates