7 Steps for Applying False Eyelashes Yourself in Under 5 Minutes

They’re not real?

Yes I get asked this question alot.

And I’m talking about my LASHES!

I love strip eyelashes for full and long eyelashes and I often get asked if my lashes are real or if I get lash extensions applied professionally.

Truthfully, I’ve gotten so speedy at applying falsies, I wear them almost everyday!!

Many people ask me how I have mastered this seemingly difficult task.

I do have quite a few mom friends who are intimidated by false eyelash application and have been getting professional lash extensions for longer, fuller eyelashes.

While I think that lash extensions are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, they require quite a bit of maintenance with “fill in” appointments every two weeks.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to schedule a dentist appointment twice a year…..twice a month appointments for lashes?

I just cant do it!!

If you follow my blog, you can see I’m definitely a DIY girl.

It saves money and time and I’ve learned that any information that you want or need is available to you RIGHT NOW on the internet!

So, alas, I bring you my 7 time saving steps for applying false eyelashes yourself!


1) Select the right lashes: I use Ardell Demi Wispies (Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreens or Amazon) for everyday and Lillylashes “So Extra Miami” (online) or Hudabeauty “Farah” (Sephora) for photoshoots and date night.


2) Trim them to fit smaller eyelids: Hold the lash up to your own natural lash line. I almost always have to trim a few hairs off either end of the false lash strip so it is a right fit and the corners of my eyes don’t become irritated. Use a small pair of sharp nail scissors and trim off what exceeds your natural lash line.


3) Curl them: Curl the false lash strip around your finger or a makeup brush. False strip lashes with thinner hairs will come out of the package straight and they are a bitch to place on your own lash line. Hold for about 30 seconds.

4) Don’t use too much glue: Apply a THIN line of lash glue to the strip. I use Duo Lash Glue (Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreens, Amazon, Ulta) in clear.


5) Let the glue get tacky: Set the lashes on your bathroom counter and allow the glue to dry for 5 minutes until it is slightly tacky. This is the most important step. If it’s too wet, the lash is not going to adhere to your lash line and you’re likely to get glue in your eye.


6) Use a mirror and tweezers: Lean your head over a small mirror on the counter top and using teasers, place the lash strip in the center of your lash line. Take the tweezers and secure the strip to your inner corner of your lash line then lastly, the outer corner.


7) Carry some glue with you in your purse: Sweat or watery eyes can sometimes cause lashes to come loose in the corner. I always have a tube of Tarte Cosmetics (Ulta) Tartiest Pro Lash Glue and tweezers in my handbag in case of emergency! The wand applicator in this product is perfect for touching those corners up and securing the strip if it becomes loose.

I hope you enjoyed this handy list of tips for full, long, sexy eyelashes! Be sure to share it with your friends so they can learn these simple tricks to DIY Lashes at home!!