10 Tips For Flawless Eyeliner Arrows

Without doubt, eye makeup is one of the most powerful ’weapons’ in a mom’s beauty arsenal.

When applied correctly, it can do wonders for your image by giving your gaze newfound charm and expressiveness.

Today, Momshells lets you in on the secrets of using makeup to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes!

#1: Dotted Lines

To make your arrows look perfect, draw them as dotted lines first. Once you feel satisfied with the outline, connect the dots carefully.

The larger the dots are the thicker the arrow will be.

#2: Classic Arrows

Classic arrows add volume to your eyelashes and make your eyes look more expressive. If you feel unsure of being able to draw a straight arrow right away, begin by outlining it with a few brush strokes. Then join those separate lines into one.

#3: Multi-Colored Arrows

Once you get the hang of drawing classic arrows, you might want to have a go at something more complicated. For instance, why not draw arrows that comprise of several multicolored lines?

#4: Double Arrows

Draw a line over your upper eyelid. Then draw another line under your lower one. Ensure that the outer ends of the lines don’t intersect by leaving some room between them. You can fill this space with mother-of-pearl shadow.